Nick Cucci

Nick Cucci

March 17, 2023

Fluid Pay, LLC. Named TOP API Solutions Provider by CIO Magazine for 2023!

Fluid Pay, LLC. has been named TOP API Solutions Provider for 2023 by CIO Magazine. This entails a cover feature in CIO Outlook along with a four-page spread of the Fluid way! (March 2023 Issue)

“We are honored to be recognized by CIO Magazine for our API. This is a true testament to our developers and all their hard work. They have left no stone unturned and the traction Fluid Pay has received over the years directly correlates with our fully-ingested API,” Said Nick Cucci (Co- Founder/COO of Fluid Pay, LLC.).

Fluid Pay remains one of the ONLY fully cloud-based payment gateways in the industry which enables Fluid to create some advanced features like machine learning AI fraud monitoring, tokenization & ach, and EMV Quick Chip Technology.

One of developer’s favorite parts of Fluid Pay’s API is the fact that we fully ingest our own API. No hidden calls or missing links. Want to see how it works? Simply inspect your browser while completing an action and you will have a live code example of what needs to be sent, request and response!

You may hear other gateways mention they are “in the cloud” but are they really? Most backends in this industry are dinosaurs and will continue to be.

“In addition to our partners and their merchants, our competitors can also benefit from the capabilities of our fully cloud-based API, for instance, our Automatic Account Updater solutions without bringing their customers over to us,” Said Jeff Rooney (Co-founder/CTO of Fluid Pay, LLC.)

Behind Fluid Pay’s success is a team of developers that work collaboratively, leading it to continuously enhance the API, provide opportunities, and develop projects that align with clients evolving needs.

About Fluid Pay, LLC

Founded in 2017, Fluid Pay™ has built a secure Level 1 PCI Compliant Google cloud-based payment gateway for business to process transactions from a variety of different devices, ANYWHERE in the world.

With industry leading minds, Fluid Pay™ aims to create a suite of payment industry tools with a business centric approach in mind. It's time to simplify the complexity of payment gateways and payments industry.

Fluid Pay™ works with ISOs, VARs, MSPs, and developers of all applications. Our solution is maintained 24/7/365 keeping our partners in control at all times. At Fluid Pay™ we build our business a single partner at a time ranging from multi-million, multi-location business, to mom and pop shops across the globe.

The payments space does not have to be so complicated, we aim to simplify the process by offering our partners and their merchants the ability to run their business from a single platform. Let us worry about the details so you can continue to grow your business.

Our Non-Compete Commitment ensures there is no competition from the gateway and enables us to focus primarily on advancing payment technologies for our Partners.

Tired of your old gateway? So were we. Complexity. Simplified.