Automatic Account Updater for Credit Cards

Update vaulted payment methods to reduce disruptions

Update expired customer payment information automatically.

Fluid Pay®'s Automatic Account Updater updates vaulted payment methods in the event a customer's payment information is expired or replaced. This in-turn will help the merchants avoid failed transactions and gaps in services provided to customers. This is extremely useful for merchants who utilize recurring billing as well.

33% of all payment credentials change each year!

Automatically update your customers' credit card account details avoiding disruption to revenue streams and additional expense of managing failed payments.


Unlike some account updaters, you only pay for the payment data that gets updated. Big picture: what you save in admin costs, efficiency and protection of your revenue will far outweigh your Automatic Account Updater transactional fees.

Avoid lost sales revenue

Avoid interruptions in recurring payments that often result in cancelled service.

Keep your customers happy

Cuts customer service expenses by avoiding support needs caused by payment interruptions.

Reduce PCI scope exposure

Automatic Account Updater eliminates the human contact handling sensitive payment data.

Strengthen merchant relationships

When credit card declines go down, confidence in your business services goes up.

Cut admin expenses

Automatic Account Updater means no more following up with customers to get their updated details.

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