Webshop Shopping Cart Integrations

Use Fluid Cart or our webshop integrations

Use Fluid Cart or our webshop integrations

A crucial part of eCommerce is the checkout process. A poor choice of tools can result in increased churn rates and declined transactions.

Types of Carts:

  • FluidCart™ - A simple, easy option for e-commerce merchants who do not have an IT staff or developers to handle credit card processing.
  • Third-Party Webshop Integrations - There are a significant amount of shopping carts that have integrated into the payment gateway, giving merchants multiple options to find a shopping cart that fits their business best.
Features FluidCart™ Webshop Integrations
Credit Card Payments
ACH Payments
No Coding needed
No Website needed
No Hosting needed
PCI Compliant
Responsive Design *
Custom Branding *
Email Receipts
Custom Fields
Card Validation
Product and quantity customization
Adjustable quantities and amounts *
Tax collection
Custom domain

*It depends on the theme and plugins installed for the website.


Gravity Forms

Accept donation transactions through our Gravity Forms integration.

  • Accept Card and ACH
  • One-time Payments
  • Subscription Payments
  • Save Billing Information
  • Accept Custom amounts
  • Use your existing plans for Subscriptions
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