Private Label Payment Gateway

Add the look and feel of your brand to the gateway

Brand the gateway! Create a look and feel unique to your brand. The concept of branding a payment gateway comes into play when a company is utilizing the technology of one of its vendors to deliver a service to their customers under its own name. What are the benefits of branding? Keep your look and feel in front of the customer creating and promoting YOUR BRAND!


Don't worry about finding the right services and web hosting providers. We've got it covered for you. We set your second-level domain and you'll have your own gateway set up in no time.


With Fluidpay's Level 1 PCI Compliance your private labeled gateway will automatically have the same level of compliance.

SSL Certificate

Websites need an SSL Certificate to keep the data of their users secure and prevent cyber attacks. With Fluidpay's Private label feature you'll get that automatically.

DDOS Mitigation Service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a huge threat to businesses and organizations providing online services. These attacks disrupt your services which eventually impacts your revenue. Almost half of last year's DDoS attacks occurred in the US.


Add your own logo to display it on the Portal and all of your public products. It is used for E-invoicing, Carts etc.


Display your brand identity using your own colors in the gateway. Every color can be customized so that it can be in harmony with your brand.


Further enhancements are also possible with additional variants. Customize your CSS so that it can mimic the design of your products or public website.

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