Dual Pricing

Lower or even eliminate your credit card processing cost

Dual Pricing has been around. However, unfortunately until now; Dual Pricing was not available to most retailers due to limitations on Point Of Sale (POS) software or antiquated payment gateways! They were simply just not capable of supporting a compliant model.

If you’ve ever seen a gas station sign with two different prices on it, one for cash and one for credit cards then you are already familiar with Dual Pricing!

It’s simple and compliant!

Dual Pricing is a merchant processing program that allows merchant businesses to substantially lower or even eliminate their credit card processing cost! The merchant presents the customer with a cash and a credit card price, allowing the consumer to decide on their preferred method of payment.

Are you ready to use a COMPLIANT Dual Pricing model?

Fully integrated into our entire suite of products!

Savings – Keep 100% of the credit card sales, keeping the money to invest in your business!

Transparency – Eliminate uncertainty with our Dual Pricing model by showing on screen during checkout the cost of Cash vs. Card even on a POS!

Clarity – Provide your customers with a receipt that clear displayed the discount that was applied.

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