Tokenizer Payment Checkout

Pre-built UI components to create the perfect checkout experience

Build a customizable checkout page without having to worry about PCI

Fluid Pay® Tokenizer provides pre-built UI components to help create the perfect FLUID checkout across desktop and mobile payments!

Simplify the payment experience for your customers!

Tokenizer creates an easy, accurate way for your customers to enter payment information, minimizing user error and maximizing successful payments.

  • Real-time Validation
  • Autofill
  • Formatting & Masking
  • Reduce PCI!
  • Web Fonts Support
  • Payment Request API
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Input Masking
  • Fully Customizable Styles
  • Responsive Layout


Tokenizer is the safest method for accepting payments and preventing attacks on your system! We generate a secure iframe while removing sensitive details from your site.

SAQ A Compliant

Stop worrying about PCI regulations! Tokenizer qualifies for the easiest form of PCI compliance, which helps prevent expensive and time-consuming audits.

Accept Multiple Payment methods

Fluid Pay® Tokenizer lets you accept Credit Card and ACH transactions too.

Customer Vault Support

Tokenizer implements a two-minute limit to create a customer vault record from a transaction without ever touching any sensitive information.

Streamline your Checkout code

Tokenizer includes built-in input validation, formatting, masking, styling and error handling, so you'll spend less time maintaining code.

Visual Control

Tokenizer is easily customized to fit your checkout page needs. Why use a hosted fields page? We give you the foundation to create your own checkout form.

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