Batch Payment Processing

Process multiple billings using batch processing

Save time and let us handle your transactions while you have time to focus on important business matters.

Fluid Pay's® Batch Processing allows merchants to run multiple transactions at one time.

Batch Processing is the means by which a merchant submits multiple transactions to Fluid Pay®. This method is most useful to those who perform multiple billings for customers. This can include subscriptions, monthly billings, ect. The merchant collects the credit card information in a file and then exports the file to Fluid Pay® for processing.

Universal file format

Fluid Pay Batch Processing uses CSV as file format. Upload your CSV and let us do the rest for you.

Customizable CSV and fields

Create and personalize the CSV so that it can fully serve your needs.

Endless possibilities

There's no restriction in usage. You can upload any type of transaction that you would process otherwise.

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