Companies choose Fluid Pay® based on a solid foundation of: INNOVATION & RELIANCE.

Innovation is the act of introducing something new. It requires creativity, which by its very nature makes business leaders nervous. Anything new is unproven and therefore unsafe. Nevertheless, if you ask the top ISOs/agents in the payment industry how they expect to maintain a competitive advantage, their most common response is innovation. We agree...

The truth is, Fluid Pay® understands innovation is the heart of building a better gateway and maintaining solid business relationships. It drives our organization to constantly improve with no end in sight. This thought process dissolves the shackles of mediocrity, duplicity, and corporate boredom, creating an environment where we can produce amazing solutions to real challenges.

With a proper balance of maintaining familiar products and inventing new solutions, Fluid Pay® successfully utilizes innovation as an essential business tool. Many payment gateways say they're innovative, but they are simply copying someone else's ideas. Ultimately, they will have to come to grips with the facts; you can't be a leader by following. Create the new norm!

Reliance is a key part of any relationship. It is the most important aspect of any business. You need to be trusted and relied on. If we cannot simplify challenges for you saving you TIME we have not built a relationship on reliance. Time is another one of your most valuable assets and something we want you, the partners, to choose how its spent and not wasted on the mundane and monotonous.

Here are a few reasons you should use us here at Fluid Pay®, LLC.:

Non-Compete Guarantee

Fluid Pay® works with its partners and NEVER against them. We are a secure payment processing gateway built exclusively to service our ISO partners/agents and their merchant referrals. Fluid Pay® does not offer merchant accounts, nor accept merchants directly. For a merchant to use the gateway, it must be sponsored by an approved Fluid Pay partner. WE WILL NEVER BOARD MERCHANTS DIRECTLY. WE DO NOT UNDERWRITE AND NEVER WILL!

No Bank or Financial Institution Affiliations

Fluid Partners don't have to worry about information being misused by a bank or financial institution serving their own self-interest. Fluid Pay®, LLC. is a privately held company with no such affiliations.

Transparent and Private Label Solution

Fluid Pay® has developed the ONLY FULLY 100% cloud-based payment gateway in the industry. We work completely behind the scenes, and our mission is to support our partners by providing industry leading and valuable tools. This philosophy keeps our partners in front of their merchants -- where they always belong!