WatchDog Payment Fraud Detection

A Fraud Managment tool for preventing suspicious transactions

WatchDog™ is a fraud management tool used to set rules and filters to zero in on preventing and detecting suspicious transactions.

Transactions can be declined/approved pre and post authorization. This fraud deterring tool (WatchDog™) is used for its extensive reporting capabilities, while giving the merchants a simple, fast and effective way to view all of their transactions in one place.

WatchDog™ is one of the first payment tools to use a machine learning algorithm. Innovative and ahead of its time, models are exposed to new data, while independently adapting to the data as it comes in. More Data = More Security. The most important part of combating fraud is DETERRENCE. Monitor your transactions today with WatchDog™!

Pre and Post Rules

Define your rules before or after the transaction occurs

User Defined Rulesets

You decide what gets into the rulesets. After all it is you who knows your business best.

Can carry across entire portfolio

Using Fluid Pay® products will make sure that WatchDog does its job everywhere for you, not just in the Fluid Pay® Control Panel.

Works across all products

WatchDog works for all of our Fluid Pay® products. All you have to do is set your rules and it automatically works for all of the products.

Low fees

We make sure that even though your transactions and data will be safe, you don't have to make compromises on the pricing. We work with low fees.

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